Credit Card Use for Tourists


Travelling abroad is not only a pleasurable experience but also something that requires careful preparation. It especially concerns traveler’s finances and how to best plan the expenditures. While carrying big sums in cash seems somewhat irresponsible, it would be a good idea to think of a credit card.

        Let us discuss the most important aspects of credit card usage while traveling.

  • Apply for a travel card

If you do not want to bother figuring out if the card you have is suitable to make payments or withdraw cash abroad, think of applying for a travel credit card. When applying for a travel credit card in your home country, consider the benefits and drawbacks of its usage abroad. What is the interest rate or fee for paying with a card? What is the withdrawal fee? For how many days/months is the interest-free period? These and other question have to be considered by every tourist while applying for the credit card.

  • Let your bank know you are traveling

Most card issuers track the location of their cards. If your location suddenly changes, there may arise a suspicion of fraud. In order to avoid answering calls or emails from your card issuer while traveling, take care of this aspect beforehand.  

  • Check ATM locations

In order to avoid large fees, look for the institutions to withdraw cash beforehand. It is much easier to find out the exact location and withdraw money from the ATM of your network than wander around the city in the search of just any ATM, which may charge you two or three times more than the usual amount.

  • Use smartphone app

Almost every bank has a phone application to help its clients receive instant access to their finances. Download such an app for free and you will not have to worry about finding an ATM to check your balance.

  • Open the card in the currency of the country you travel to

Unless your place of destination is an exotic land, it is possible to apply for a card in currency needed or, at least, the one most used as an alternative in that country.

  • Contact the issuer

Even if everything seems clear, there may arise questions that need clarification. That is why, instead of improvising with your card abroad, consult the issuer – it is always better to be on the safe side.

        Using your credit card abroad is not a big deal once you are aware of its possibilities and limitations.

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  1. When I go abroad, I go to the local branch of the bank so that they do not block the card

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