Top Five Funny Stories About Credit Cards

Funny Stories

Credit cards have entered our everyday lives so profoundly that we cannot do without them. However, some people still find credit cards confusing and tend to get into funny situations because of their credit cards. Some of them merely do not understand where money come from and why it is on their credit cards. Here the top five funny stories about people and their credit cards.

Story №1

A woman inserted her credit card into the ATM and was not sure what to click to get it out. She wanted to ask someone to help her but there was no one around. She started shaking ATM machine but it still would not give her credit card back. Then, she figured it out quite fast and spilled her Coca-Cola on the ATM. Surprisingly, she got her card back immediately.

Story №2

The man went to the bank to cash out some money from his credit card but the machine said “insufficient funds.” The man thought that the bank had insufficient funds and decided to come back later.

Story №3

A young man parties and goes out all week. He seems to have lots of money, which he never used to before. When his friends ask him where he got the money from, he would say he had a magic card. Everyone wanted to see the magic card and the way it generates money. When he showed the card, everyone was surprised to see an ordinary credit card. He said he could cash out up to $5000 for free. Apparently, the young man failed to finish reading terms and conditions. The party wound up immediately.

Story №4

A woman comes to the shop and tries to pay with a credit card. She tries to explain, however, that she does not want the amount of money to reduce. She asks the cashier, “Swipe it but do not let it take anything from my card.”

Story №5

A woman found a credit card lost by her colleague. Instead of trying to give it back, she went shopping. She has been having a great time all weekend until she decided to pay off her court fines. As soon as she did, her identity was revealed and the credit card returned to the owner. Now, she has to think where to get another credit card this time to bail herself out of jail!

           These stories prove that some people are still not used to technological advances as we know them. Others are merely child-like and ignorant. No matter what, these stories about people and their credit cards show how important it is to have at least basic knowledge about finance and know how things work.

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